How to outshine all-comers at the office party! 

It’s tempting sometimes to approach Xmas Party dressing as if you were a human Xmas tree – more is more! But we would advise that a bigger impression can be made by wearing one or at most two really amazing jewellery pieces, especially if, like our beautiful and glamorous jewellery, they will never have been seen before by your friends in high street stores or on other people.

Lots of women are very conversant in what’s available to buy and can even spot the store when they see you wearing something new, but we are very much in the ‘secret black book’ of websites, where stylish girls and women go to find something that will really stand out and make them feel unique.

All of the following suggestions would look great with a little black dress or a dress of one simple colour to work as a backdrop to your stunning new designer accessory: