As the cold air has begun to creep in these last few weeks, and the trees have become bare, only to be covered by the frost of nightfall – there is no doubt that winter is among us.
As such, the layering of clothing, heavy coats, winter tights, hats, scarves and gloves has also arrived. But just because it’s cold out, and bulky clothing seems like the only way to go: it does not mean we should forget to accessories!

Ladies, there is no time, more important to add a bit of glam to your clothes, than in winter. It is time to turn these gloomy cold days into a thing of the past, in creating our own winter
Here are some of my own pieces, that are crucial to my jewellery wonderland collection this winter;

An important piece for any woman’s winter wonderland designer jewellery collection is a good ring. Rings offer the benefit of being worn as either an accessory or statement piece. My favourite ring has to be my Palazzo Aurora Large Ring; with so many beautiful colours, it is the perfect piece for almost any outfit. This ring is a bit of a statement piece, and I often wear it to parties, be it for work or pleasure. However, at weekends it works quite well with jeans, heels and a dressy top, perfect for a shopping spree with friends, and afternoon lunch.

Another great way of accessorising this winter is by purchasing a really good brooch. A brooch can be used to glam up not only tops but coats, hats, scarfs and any other item of clothing you feel necessary. A personal favourite of mine is my Oceania Flora Brooch-Pendant; a piece I treated myself to, just recently. What I love most about it is, it can be used for both occasional uses, when paired with a little red or black dress: or everyday use on my hat, scarf or coat. It is also a piece that I can wear with many colours from black, to beige, purple to red, this piece has really transcended beyond my expectations. It is my most treasured winter wonderland piece for this reason.