The first ever jewelleries were created  hundreds of thousands of years ago. They were created namely from mussels, stones and bones. They where worn mostly by Kings and Queens  as a sign of wealth, strength and prosperity. Notable jewelleries from this era included, big chains, earrings, crowns and tiaras. The bigger the jewellery piece the more wealth association it retrieve.

Today jewellery has become far more than a depiction of wealth. True there are certain brands one might associate with wealth but on a whole it is worn for a greater purpose. Jewellery is now worn as a statement piece, to accessories and complete the outfits we wear. Jewellery is a demonstration of our moods, feeling and indeed our personality. Jewellery has become an expressive at work that we wear to make us look and feel our best.

But if jewellery is an expression of our true selves what does the jewellery you wear say about you?

Bright colours and wild prints such as those in this Oceania Rosa Pendant mean that you are a well-rounded expressive person, an outgoing individual who knows how to enjoy  one’s self.

Delicate and petite jewellery wearers, you tend to be a little more conservative compare to those who wear big, bright and bold jewellery.  You are intelligent and well mannered individuals with an appreciation for timeless fashions such as this Byzantium Leaf Necklace.

 Classic and elegant jewellery such as this Del Lago Lapis Necklace says you are probably a quiet and intelligent one. An individual who likes to express this, someone with a love for the finer things in life, who enjoys self-indulgence – be that a time spent with family and friends, a bottle of wine at the end of a long week or a fancy meal at your favourite restaurant.

A natural type, wearing materials as wood, leaves or leather says you are down to earth and you got a deeply bond with nature. Often those who love the great outdoors opt for pieces such as this “Maple leaf Symphony of leaves”: Be it that you are nature enthusiast or an all-round sportswoman.

Wearing big chains and stones such as this Del Lago Amethyst Necklace, says that you have a fun and flirty personality.  You have a character full of depth; you are an emotional individual with a love for the arts.

Statement pieces are jewelleries such as Oceania Blush Pendant that tend to sparkle and shine, ones that you cannot take your eyes off. Such jewellery is worn by confident individuals that want to be noticed.  You too like to shine and lead a glamorous lifestyle. Such people often have strong characters filled with ambitions. 

Jewellery that’s “RETRO”  like these Riviera Madison earrings  tend to attract peaceful yet energetic individuals, with plenty of energy yet refinement. They are often drawn to antiques, museums and all things informative. You are indeed an inquisitive, quirky individual, you have a personality with many hidden treasures of its own that your nearest and dearest love to see shine through.