Valentine’s gift shopping question?  It’s a wrap!

There are few gifts more perfect for the women and girls in your life (mothers, daughters, sisters, friends) than jewellery. Jewellery, because it is worn next to the skin and lasts so much longer than clothing, is an intimate and enduring gift choice.

Jewellery-buying allows you to play the detective too, watching and observing to see if the wearer favours delicacy or drama, precious or non-precious, large or small, silver or gold, earrings or bangles or necklaces or brooches – or all at once!

We also have a new Q&A service to answer any queries you might have, so if you are a little unsure of your gift choice, we would be happy to help with a personalised list of suggestions. Just email your question and we will get back to you with a completely bespoke answer and set of suggestions.