As spring begins to shine through so should your wardrobe.
Spring 2013 brings back that bold print look, that has been up and coming over the past few years.
So whether you are going to re- invent some of those older bold prints or invest in some new ones, be sure you know how, “to dress, to impress”.
It is often said that with such bold prints, as those by Marc Jacobs, one should not accessories, I disagree!
Take a look at this fab leopard print dress. Surely with a name like “get graphic”, adding just a hint of bling, would be the perfect way to set it off… Of course you do not want to overdo it. That is why we suggest something – refined, yet classy. For example, these beautiful Byzantium White Hoop Earrings,  They are the perfect match for this beautiful, bold Mark Jacobs outfit.

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