A lot of people wear jewellery as an extension of their personality, a way to tell the world who they are without ever speaking. For this reason, when it comes to picking out your jewellery it is a lot about your personal tastes and likes. But are there different styles, shapes or colours you should be looking at that will enhance your natural features? The following are some tips on what jewellery type and style will work best with your facial features depending on your face shape and the colours that will work best with your skin tone. For more information on the designer jewellery pictured in this article visit our designer jewellery boutique online www.expressionsdesbijoux.com.

 Square Shaped Face

A square shaped face doesn’t narrow much from the cheekbone to forehead or from the cheekbone to jawline and can tend to look angular. Round edge earrings and hoops suit this shape by helping to soften the angles of the jawline, like these Riviera Madison Earrings. Try to stay clear of square or sharp angles which won’t flatter. Try to wear necklaces that are long and round and will add softness, for example a string of pearls.

Round Shaped Face

This face shape looks exactly as it sounds with the widest point being at the cheekbones and narrowing some at the forehead and at the jawline. It’s not angular at all and is generally wider than an oval shape. For a round face long earrings are perfect as they will add definition and enhance your features as well as elongating your face, these Classique Multi-strand drop earrings are perfect for this. Long necklaces will draw the eye downwards, elongating the neck. Why not try long simple and elegant necklaces for a slimming and sophisticated look.

Heart Shaped Face

Sometimes called inverted triangle shaped. The widest part is at the forehead and the face narrows towards the jawline, with the jawline being the narrowest area. Tear drop and chandelier earrings, which are wider at the bottom, add balance to the narrowest point of the face and will showcase your delicate chin and jawline. Try these Byzantium Fan Earrings to add the balance to your face. Necklaces which are short and round or chokers will soften the shape around your chin.

Long Shaped Face

This shape can be rectangular in look, similar to the square shape but longer. Generally the face has a straight line down with the cheekbones being not any or much wider than the jawline and forehead. Short and round earrings work best for this shape, like these Classique Rosesilver Earrings. You can wear big and bold statement earrings which will add definition to the face. Pick earrings that are wider rather than long to draw attention to your cheekbones. For the neck, chokers draw the eye up and widthways giving the appearance of a shorter face. Short wide shapes compliment a delicate chin and forehead.

Oval Shaped Face

An oval shaped face is widest at the cheekbones and narrows a small bit at the jawline and forehead. The width of the forehead and the jawline (from corner to corner) are nearly equal. As an oval shaped face is well balanced, almost all types of jewellery will suit whether it’s long or short earrings or any shape of necklace. So have fun and pick something that reflects your personality.

Warm Skin Tones

People with a warm skin tone will see more greenish coloured veins when they look at their wrist. They usually have yellow or fairer complexion. Yellow gold, copper and bronze all compliment someone with a warm skin tone. The best colours and gemstones are the earth colours; amber, golden topaz, rubies, emeralds, jade, creamy coloured, instead of brilliant white, pearls and any of the following colours, yellow, champagne, green or orange.

Cool Skin Tones

People with cool skin tones have blue coloured veins and have a pink or ruddy complexion. Silver jewellery compliments a cool skin tone as does, white gold, platinum or palladium. The coloured gemstones to go for are; pink sapphires, amethysts, sapphires, onyx, brilliant white pearls and anything of the following colours, pink, blue, purple, red, violet, black, grey and white.

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