The Little Black Dress is the ultimate symbol of inestimable style. It is timelessly chic, answering a variety of wardrobe demands. However, you do not need to be black from head to toe! Here we have selected two exclusive Jewelry designers for you, high fashion jewellery with a playful side that possesses an indefinable “joie de vivre”…


Philippe Ferrandis And Riviera Collection At Expresssions Des Bijoux

Philippe Ferrandis At Riviera Collection of  Expresssions Des Bijoux

Based in Paris,Philippe Ferrandis has been designing haute couture jewellery and accessories since 1986. With a unique style all its own, Philippe Ferrandis jewellery appeals to elegant and bold women and is hand crafted in limited editions in his Paris studio. Famous celebrity fans of his designs include the French actress Armelle Lesniak, French TV Presenter Christine Bravo, French songwriter and actress Marianne James, and performer Maaike Jansen. His creations are described as “love at first sight…I feel a halo of glamour…because they inspire me to smile, I would say that they are happy jewels”. His jewelry design can be found at .

Italian Jewellery Designer Luisa Della Salda

Italian Jewellery Designer Luisa Della Salda

Based in Italy, Luisa della Salda who seeks inspiration for her signature style of contemporary fashion jewellery. Luisa lives and works in the Lake Como region, where her neighbours include George Clooney and Madonna, and where Versace was a frequent visitor. Como has always attracted the socialites of their day; a legacy that dates back to Roman times. Centuries of art and culture have soaked into the very stones of the ruins of the 12th century walls that can still be seen in the small, central città murata or walled city. It is this heritage which Luisa keeps alive to this day with her uniquely individual jewellery designs. Her jewelry design can be found at .