Expressions Des Bijoux jewellery arrives in the softest pouch, protected inside an exquisite dressing-table-worthy box.

When purchasing costume jewellery we are aware that it they are very delicate items. Costume or fashion jewellery is often handmade containing many elements such as pearls, gems, crystals etc.

Although such materials can be easily damaged, they are also some of the most beautiful, and if the correct measures are taken to care for them, your costume jewellery pieces may last you many, many years.
Unfortunately not everyone knows how to care for their precious fashion jewellery! So we have put together some of our top tips to assist you in maintaining your jewellery. With our guidance you can enjoy your jewellery and its beauty for years to come.

1. Avoid contact with water; water is a known to have an eroding effect on costume jewellery  particularly those containing metal, silver, plated gold, crystals and pearls. It can cause de-colouration to your jewellery leaving it to appear old, worn and shabby. Protect your jewellery by removing rings and chains when taking a shower or when washing hands.

2. Avoid contact with direct sunlight, sunlight can cause significant damage to your precious pieces of costume jewellery. Like all other jewellery the beautiful stones, gems and beads can become faded and dull if exposed to direct sunlight. Many of us enjoy the vibrant elements of our jewellery it is often what caught our eye, so why let something so easily avoided ruin this? Protect your costume jewellery by putting it away after wear; a jewellery box is the perfect storage point to protect your jewellery from discolouration.

3. Handle with care; to keep your couture jewellery sparkling, it is important to care for it. By gently wiping the piece with some cotton wool, this will make your jewellery shine like new and prevent any damage from dirt or dust that might have gathered. This is also a useful tip in the event of your costume jewellery comes into contact with cosmetics, perfume, aerosols etc.

4. Always put on your perfume, cosmetics, hairspray and body lotion before your jewellery, allowing sufficient drying time. Avoid spraying perfumes on to jewellery when out, as any contact with perfume or the above listed items may cause irreversible damage. Your jewellery should be the last thing you put on when going out, and the first thing you take off on return.  

5. Seek a helping hand, always handle costume and delicate jewellery. Do not strain the jewellery and yourself by attempting to close small catches. Often women pull at bracelets and chains in an attempt to close them single headedly, however sometimes it is best to ask a partner or friend to do things for you. Ask a partner to fasten your chain!

6. When you are travelling and packing your favourite jewellery with you, all your costume jewellery items should be carefully packed in their individual soft pouches to avoid any damage.

7. Hang-up & Box-up your jewellery;  just as we do with our favourite clothing items, it is important to hang up our necklaces, and box our earrings. This will prevent tangling and loss, but it will also protect against damages. Bracelets and rings should also be boxed and stored away carefully. If you do not like having numerous boxes lying about, a large jewellery box is always a good investment.
When selecting a jewellery box you should ensure hanging space for chains/ necklaces, drawers for bracelets& bangles storage, and little holders up top for your precious rings and earrings in.

Costume and fashion jewellery items should be carefully stored in their individual gift box. Also, a jewellery box should be plenty dark inside to avoid light damage, with tight fitted drawers and doors to avoid dust gathering!