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EdesB.com, Online Designer Jewellery Shop For Gift Ideas

If you’re still wondering what to buy, then our bespoke concierge service can certainly help you out!
You can ask our advice anytime on a purchase, even just by describing who the gift is for and what their usual taste is. We will come up with tailored suggestions just for …

Sheer Fashion With An Expressive Jewellery Ring Or Earrings?

Sheers and see through panels are the subtle way to expose yourself this summer, but choose the area with care….!
We think see through sleeves or shoulder panels are the most flattering way to go, that makes an elegant ladylike evening look; and for sure your designer jewellery needs to be a pair of elegant drop …

A Modern Makeover Of Fashion And Accessories!

One of the modern makeover for new year and new season is surely clash bold stripes and checks in monochrome,…
Try wearing checks of different sizes in one outfit to create an interesting impact.
You may also wear different sizes and colours of stripe or pair stripes with checks. Do not for …

Why your jewellery Collection is so important?

Investing in quality jewellery is a great way to jazz up your wardrobe, to change an outfit immediately.  You could wear the same pair of jeans and plain T-shirt for a full week,  but with different style of jewellery and no one would notice that.
Expressions Des Bijoux  is a place which …

Tiger Pattern Designer Jewellery And Accessories !

Tiger, tiger, shining bright!
The words of poet William Blake are particularly apt this season according to VOGUE UK, who see clear signs of a trend for tiger patterning building up on planet fashion. A touch of tiger is very welcome after the long dominion of leopard skin in our …

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