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Valentine’s Day Unique Jewellery Gift Ideas!

Valentine’s Day has been celebrated for thousands of years. And yet still to this day it is said that nothing says I love you more than a heartfelt poem. – Only in this day and age the poem is often written for us inside a well-designed card and printed …

Accessories Your Little Black Dress With Right Jewellery!

How to accessories your little black dress! There is nothing more iconic than Audrey Hepburn’s little black dress by Givenchy, worn in the ever memorable “Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This style icon, really demonstrated the necessity of a little black dress to every woman. Today, the strength of the little black dress has …

Philippe Ferrandis’ Designer Couture Jewellery at Riviera Collection

Expressions Des Bijoux is featuring ,Philippe Ferrandis , who has been designing haute couture jewellery and accessories since 1986. With a unique style all its own, Philippe Ferrandis jewellery appeals to elegant and bold women and are hand crafted in his Paris studio. Famous celebrity fans of his designs are the …

What Jewellery Gifts to buy for the women and girls you love most?

Valentine’s gift shopping question?  It’s a wrap!
There are few gifts more perfect for the women and girls in your life (mothers, daughters, sisters, friends) than jewellery. Jewellery, because it is worn next to the skin and lasts so much longer than clothing, is an intimate and enduring gift choice.

The Perfect Jewelry Gifts For Valentine’s Day!

On Valentine’s Day you are allowed to dress to the nines! It’s all part of the wonderful fun of the day….
When it comes to what jewellery to wear, it’s time to make a statement too, but always in good taste .
Here’s our guide to pieces that will make …

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