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Which Jewellery Goes Best With Long Hair?

What to wear with long hair?
Long hair pulls the viewer’s eye downwards, making longer-length jewellery more fitting and harmonious (although if you are wearing a lower-necked top, than a collar-type necklace can also work well).
Here are a few highlights from our key longer styles:
Gorgeous black agate beads …

Style Tips On Colour Blocking And Jewellery Type

Thinking about colour blocking and your favourite one is black! Why not wearing a black top and be creative with your skirt …  your shoes and your clutch bag can simply be black. For your jewellery select element of gold with or without gemstones both works well, obviously if you go with gemstone option, try …

Buying A Unique Jewellery Gifts For Your Wife or Girlfriend

Jewellery is a girl’s best friend, and with Valentine’s Day around the corner what better way to show your wife or girlfriend you love them then a new piece of jewellery. Jewellery gifts will last longer than flowers or chocolates and are the perfect gift. With so much choice out …

Style The Accessories And Jewellery With Volume

If there is one style tip you need to remember, it is to always play with volume! Wearing a loose top with loose bottoms can look a little bit sloppy and lazy (though there is nothing wrong with it if you carry it well!)
A sweater or top that is a …

Upcoming Fashion And Jewellery Trends For 2013

As spring begins to shine through so should your wardrobe.
Spring 2013 brings back that bold print look, that has been up and coming over the past few years.
So whether you are going to re- invent some of those older bold prints or invest in some new ones, be …

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