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Taking care of your costume And Fashion jewellery

Expressions Des Bijoux jewellery arrives in the softest pouch, protected inside an exquisite dressing-table-worthy box.
When purchasing costume jewellery we are aware that it they are very delicate items. Costume or fashion jewellery is often handmade containing many elements such as pearls, gems, crystals etc.
Although such materials can be …

Buy A Designer Jewellery CANDY!

This year is the perfect time to experiment and have fun with your jewellery… Why not try some of the latest fashion trends such as jewellery candy. With lots of styles and pieces to choose from there is sure to be ‘some candy to suit your taste’
There …

Looking For Exclusive Designer Jewellery Gifts on Mothers’ Day?


There are few gifts more perfect for  your mothers-  than jewellery. Jewellery, because it is worn next to the skin and lasts so much longer than clothing, is an intimate and enduring gift choice, and your mother can treasure the moment forever! 
You need to pay …

Style Your Shape With Our Exclusive Online Jewellery Collections

A New Season, why not a NEW YOU? It is now the perfect time to re- evaluate your wardrobe and rediscover your beautiful body. Below is our guide to styling your shape this season with selected designer drop earrings, loop earrrings, limited edition necklaces or unique bracelets from our an exclusive …

What Your Jewellery Collection Says About You?

The first ever jewelleries were created  hundreds of thousands of years ago. They were created namely from mussels, stones and bones. They where worn mostly by Kings and Queens  as a sign of wealth, strength and prosperity. Notable jewelleries from this era included, big chains, earrings, crowns and tiaras. The bigger the jewellery piece the …

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