Thinking about colour blocking and your favourite one is black! Why not wearing a black top and be creative with your skirt …  your shoes and your clutch bag can simply be black. For your jewellery select element of gold with or without gemstones both works well, obviously if you go with gemstone option, try to pick out one of the strongest colour of your skirt. This is one way of colour blocking that you may want to take note of.

or you maybe love a jewel colour look, why not mixing orange, brown and purple they look stunning together. Depends on your skin tone you may go with different shade of those colours, …  simply put it next to your face and see which one you like better. For your jewellery go with a beautiful gold piece…Just you need a stunning cocktail ring !

Or maybe looking for another way of colour blocking, why not mixing blue, green and gold ; just play around these main colours.  Colour coordinating your shoes and your clutch bag with your top. For your jewellery just go with gold; either with or without gemstone both would work perfectly with this look. This is another way of colour blocking…!