YES, We Love September!!! Because September is the perfect time to start thinking about ourself and our wardrobe….

Well, it’s the classic moment of the ‘retour’, as the French would say – the return to normal life and all its routines after the thrills and spills of the Summer.

If you have kids, then they will be going back to school or college now.  You may even be going back to college yourself or just knuckling down at work for the autumn term…

Either way, it’s a time for new beginnings and a little reflection and musing, in between the holiday and the Christmas seasons.

Time to take a moment just for you and think through your wardrobe for the season ahead.

Jewellery will help to bring your existing wardrobe back to life, with a nod to new trends and colours, but in a longer-lasting way, or you may be planning to buy completely new outfits and looking for the right pieces of jewellery to match?

When it comes to colour for this season, gold and black are the colours you need to consider, below are few  suggestions for you; though you may like to  drop us a line  and tell us what you plan to wear so that we can offer our suggestions for the best designer jewellery to suit your style…

1- Byzantium Citrine Collar Necklace  –  Bring your existing wardrobe back to life with a dynamic new piece of expressive designer jewellery!!

2- Classique Gold Tuft Bracelet  –  How about this beautiful designer gold bracelet for an elegant back-to-work look?!  We may even surprise you with something completely unexpected – along with a personalised offer! Email Us here 

3- Classique Gold Maple Necklace- With no risk this gorgeous designer pendant works perfectly for an Autumn look !! Let’s make September a month to celebrate. Remember – it’s all about you!