We are very excited to be partner with British Airways, Expressions des Bijoux has been included on the Avios and BA UK eStores.

“Frustrated by the anonymity of high-street jewellery, Rosita Heshmati set up Expressions de Bijoux, an online jewellery boutique offering eight different stunning jewellery collections, each reflecting a variety of tastes, from refined simplicity to luxurious drama. During frequent trips to Southern Europe, Rosita found jewellery with both the quality and the expressive designs she desired; perfect for everyday wear and special occasions. there are many uniquely talented jewellery designers in the world, but it is only a sought after few who have been chosen to be part of Expressions des Bijoux. All of our designers are artists who work from their own studios in order to create unique and limited edition pieces, inspired by local traditions, heritage and cultures.”

How it works is that when you sign up for British Airway’s Executive Club and buy a piece of our jewellery then you can earn 8 Avios points for every £1 spent. You can then redeem these points against other goods, services, flights etc that are available from BA, Avios and its partners.

But, that’s not all. If you sign up for British Airway’s Executive Club and shop on their eStore you can earn points from other partners like Currys, ebay, John Lewis and HMV.com etc.D

What are you waiting for? Why not sign up, treat yourself or a loved one to one (or more) of our pieces and start earning yourself some points?