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Exclusive Offers on Our Bridal Wedding Jewellery Collection

If you're looking for inspiration for what jewellery to wear on your big day, take a look at our jewellery shop online, London-based boutique, where you'll find our exceptional and unique jewellery from artisan designers hand-picked for our collection from around the Mediterranean. Specially for brides-to-be, we have picked out a number of…


Buying Jewellery as a Gift And How to Get it Right!

The Expressions Des Bijoux guide to making the perfect choice.... Knowing what to buy - a ring or a pendant for example - can sometimes be as difficult to decide as whether to buy gold or silver jewellery. The answer is to take note of what the person you buy for usually wears…


Expressions Des Bijoux’s Pearl Earrings Jewellery Echoes Classic Piece From History

An extraordinary pair of beautiful antique pearl earrings has sold for £16 million and has caused jewellery commentators to talk of a return to the supremacy of the pearl - once mankind's most treasured jewel. If you would like to be part of the new generation of pearl wearers, we…


Your Jewellery And Accessories Are Your Best Friends

Dressing well for work helps put all of us in the right frame of mind. Your work 'personality' should still be yours and yours alone - but with more emphasis on the impression you're giving rather than pure self-expression.... How does that personality translate into the kind of jewellery you should wear?…


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