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Orange Hue Designer Fashion Jewellery

Orange among all the colours enjoyed a momentary spark in the 1970s, but in recent years the orange hue has been taking part on fashion’s borders. Designers might have shown an orange-toned blouse here or a tangerine tote there, but it was usually tempered with black and rarely worn head…


Win Designer Jewellery Gifts in EdesB’s Online Competition

Designer Jewellery & Social Media Competition £50 gift voucher to be won in Expressions Des Bijoux’s Social Media Competition is live online right now till Friday 25th April! The great freebie fashion gift that can be used for any designer jewellery purchase from the site! We will be offering a £50 gift card to a select few that follow…


Ladylike Look And Unique Designer Jewellery Gifts

Are you thinking about an exclusive designer jewellery gift for your mother or your wife on Mothers' Day?! Remember you get lots of great ideas just by looking at her wardrobe, that is the easiest way to find out her favourite look and surprise her with a quality jewellery to…


How To Select Right Designer Jewellery And Accessories For Your Visage

When it comes to picking out your accessories such as glasses, earrings and necklaces, remember it is not just about your personal tastes and likes, your visage plays an important role. There are different styles and shapes you should consider to enhance your natural features. The following are four tips…


Win £50 Of Mediterranean Designer Jewellery From Expressions Des Bijoux

Expressions Des Bijoux's Social Media Competition runs from Friday 4th April till Friday 25th April; where we will be offering a £50 gift card to a select few that follow us on all of the social networks. Simply click on the Social Media Icons on the page. Expressions Des Bijoux…


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