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Expressive Designer Jewellery Onilne By Zangara

We are pleased to announce the launch of the designer jewellery collection by Italian designer Zangara at our online jewellery boutique -ExpressionsDesbijoux.com . Designers Matteo and  Francesco  strive to capture the essence of the expressive power and magical mystery in their jewellery creations. A blend of hand-crafted and classical European jewellery give rise…


Designer Jewellery At British Airways High Life Magazine

Expression Des Bijoux's designer jewellery has been featured in British Airways High Life Magazine. The romance, intrigue and mystery of this fabled empire come alive in the Byzantium Collection. Seldom has the art of jewellery making risen to such exotic heights. The pieces are crafted from the finest sterling silver and…


Italian Jewellery Designer Luisa Della Salda

Our talented Italian jewellery designer Luisa della Salda  at Del Lago Collection of Expressions Des Bijoux; seeks inspiration for her signature style of contemporary fashion jewellery, just by stepping out of her front door.... Luisa lives and works in the Lake…


Philippe Ferrandis’ Designer Jewellery And Accessories

 Philippe Ferrandis' designer jewellery and accessories at Riviera Collection of  Expressions Des Bijoux Based in Paris, Philippe Ferrandis  has been designing haute couture jewellery and accessories since 1986. With a unique style all its own, Philippe Ferrandis designer jewellery appeals to elegant and expressive women and are hand crafted in his…


Buying Stylish Jewellery That Suits Your Shape

Shape Your Style.... If we look to fashion, we will notice, that it almost  ignores the shape of average women. With Christmas just around the corner, I decided to do a little research myself, I wanted to see what the average shape of a woman in the UK really is.…


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