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How to Choose Your Designer Necklace Length! (Part Three)

A gorgeous necklace is an important focal point on the female body. When selecting and investing in a new necklace - especially an expensive one - you should consider how the length of that necklace will look on your body. The most important body features to consider when selecting a…


How to Choose Your Designer Necklace Length! (Part Two)

This is a question for both designers and consumers. As a designer, the length of a necklace determines where it will lie on the chest, hence effecting how we design a necklace and what kind of materials we use. As a consumer, necklace lengths impact our overall styles and can…


How to Choose Your Designer Necklace Length! (Part One)

Choosing the right necklace length is an easy and effective way to frame your face. To help your next necklace purchase, lets see how different necklace lengths fall on the average female body.  Standard Necklace Lengths for Women: Necklace chains for women typically range from 10 to 48 inches and anywhere…


Buying A Designer Necklace For Different Necklines

Typically, most women just look at their neckline and visually determine if a necklace is suitable. That usually works and your aesthetic sense actually drives most of your styling decisions anyway. Here are the rules of thumb to follow in cases where you are not sure, or if you want…


Designer Gold Jewellery in Brides Magazine!

Expressions Des Bijoux's designer jewellery online has been featured in Brides Magazine. This  issue profiled Palazzo Collection. The exclusive designer gold jewellery by Maria Loretta De Toni  who possess a distinctly enigmatic quality. Based in Vicenza where artists and craftsman have been creating unique pieces…


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