There are few gifts more perfect for  your mothers-  than jewellery. Jewellery, because it is worn next to the skin and lasts so much longer than clothing, is an intimate and enduring gift choice, and your mother can treasure the moment forever! 
You need to pay attention and listen to her quite voice!!! What jewellery types does she wear on a daily basis? Does she wear necklaces, bracelets, earrings? Does she prefer gold, white gold or silver? Is her jewellery box full of big statement jewellery or small simple jewellery pieces? Does she have a particular stone or colour that she prefers in her jewellery?Or simply ask for help, either ask her best friend or talk to us.
We answer any queries you might have, so if you are a little unsure of your gift choice, we would be happy to help with a personalised list of suggestions within your budget. Just email us customercare@expressionsdesbijoux.com or Call us on +44(0)208 946 7414. We will get back to you with a completely bespoke answer and set of suggestions.
 Expressions Des Bijoux is for women who want something unique, something that you won’t find on the high streets. Their collections are from exclusive European designers, who offer women unique, quality and individual designer jewellery pieces.  From jewellery with refined simplicity to luxurious drama, there’s something for every woman. For more information on the collections available and to find that unique piece for the woman in your life visit: expressionsdesbijoux.com.