Have you found the perfect wedding dress but not sure what necklace to wear with it? Looking for an exclusive bridal jewellery collection to choose from?  

Wedding accessories and bridal jewellery can either enhance and flatter your wedding gown or completely ruin your overall look. When it comes to the necklace you decide to wear on your wedding day, the style and length you choose should match the shape of your gown’s neckline. Keep it mind that the simpler your overlook is, the more elegant and stylish you will look. 

The following are some examples that will assist you in choosing the right accessories that best complement your wedding dress. For more information on the jewellery featured here visit www.expressionsdesbijoux.com.

1- High-neck gowns: As the gown starts to cover your neckline more and more, the options become significantly more limited. They are highly unsuitable for any type of necklace whatsoever. If you love this style wedding gown, go with a glamours clip earrings or drop earrings.

2- Jewelled gowns: The more extravagant the dress , the simpler your jewellery has to be. Having a jewelled gown limits you on the kind of jewellery you can wear; the best option is going for a simple elegant clip earrings; and for sure avoid any kind of necklace or chain.

3- One-shoulder gowns: One shoulder wedding gowns are more suited for simple but glamours drop earrings;  you better off avoiding any necklace.

4- Strapless gowns:  They reveal your shoulders, back and chest, the more skin revealed on your neckline, the wider are your options and leave more room for bigger and wider styles of necklaces. Square-neckline dresses would go in harmony with a choker-style necklace. Drops and pendants are ideal for  V-neck or round necklines.