Family businesses often stand the test of time because they’re built on trust, tradition and clear and solid values – and Zangara is no different.

Positioned at the higher end of the Expressions Des Bijoux offer and representing the very best in high-quality, small studio design values, Zangara is now run by the second generation of the family – Matteo and Francesco, who took the reins ten years ago to take the company, which first started up in the 1970s, to ever-greater heights.

The trademark attributes of this specialist designer Italian jewellery brand are attention to detail and hand-sculpted settings, as well as a certain flamboyance – these are statement jewels, both in the quality of materials (diamonds, gold, sapphires, silver, pearls) and in design.  Each hand-crafted item is a miniature work of art, with every stone meticulously selected on the basis of both colour and cut.  The end results are exuberant and dramatic with a feeling of both past and future meeting together.

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Enjoy the expressive power and magical mystery of Zangara – and bag yourself a real heritage piece which will last for generations to come…