On Valentine’s Day you are allowed to dress to the nines! It’s all part of the wonderful fun of the day….

When it comes to what jewellery to wear, it’s time to make a statement too, but always in good taste .
Here’s our guide to pieces that will make you stand out – for all the right reasons!
Philippe Ferrandis is the master of statement glamour for a formal and even informal celebration. Check out his Medicis Green Necklace –

Or, if you prefer a more monochrome palette, how about the Riviera Madison Necklace!

If you are wearing something striking already, then it may be better to accessorise simply with a pair of beautiful fashion earrings. Why not wear your hair up to show them off?

And this beautiful designer necklace from our Del Lago collection is perfect for the season too, with the gorgeous amethyst drops looking like perfect little decorations themselves..