“Match the beautiful berry and leaf shades with high quality jewellery pieces from Expressions Des Bijoux’s Mediterranean designer jewellery range”

Expressions Des Bijoux is a unique, personally-curated jewellery collection, selected from the Mediterranean’s best artisan studios, where designers such as Maria de Toni and Philippe Ferrandis create limited editions of hand-crafted and highly original pieces. Here are some pieces from our collection that we recommend for the coming season: the perfect accessories and jewellery to leading trends in colour, pattern and tone.

Luscious Leaves One of VOGUE’s main trends for the coming season is ‘Countryside Alliance’, celebrating natural materials and forms. We would recommend one of our amazing ‘Symphony of Leaves’ necklaces for this trend, where each leaf (oak, maple, holly, cherry, rose, aspen…) is preserved in copper and then left for three days before being hand-finished in 24-carat gold. The range has double and single leaf necklaces (on 20 cm chains), with the double leaves finished in contrasting gold and white gold.

Eastern Promise Whilst VOGUE identified the ‘Tales of the Orient’ trend, ELLE also spotted what it called the ‘Samurai’ trend.  Either way, it’s all about Asia, and these enamel loop earrings in Chinese lacquer red with gold vermeil patterns (from our ‘Byzantium’ collection) are a perfect shortcut to a touch of the Orient.  If red is too strong for you, then handily the earrings also come in more subdued tones of charcoal and caramel.

Power of Purple Purple is THE colour of the season according to VOGUE and that’s just fine with us, because purple is one of our favourite colours too – and certainly a favourite with one of our key designers, Philippe Ferrandis. Over half of our ‘Riviera’ collection features the colour purple as the main or subsidiary shade, especially in Philippe’s dramatic necklaces and bejewelled cuffs, with greens, browns and bronzes also to the fore.

Goths in Black Leather Yes, the goth look is back for another season according to ELLE, whilst VOGUE tells of fashion’s ongoing fascination with black leather, being used in ever-softer finishes for dresses and blouses, as well as for the more traditional blouson jackets, skirts and trousers.  Our black stingray leather range from our ‘Byzantium’ collection is just perfect for this goth-leather look and includes chokers, cuffs and earrings, with added subtle jewel highlights in amethyst, citrine and zirconia.

Odyssey of Opulence VOGUE called it ‘Opulence’ and ELLE called it ‘Maximalist’, but the overall feeling with this trend is that more is definitely more! The quality of our jewellery is just perfect as an accompaniment for the season’s luxuriously-brocaded and high quality fabrics. The ‘Del Lago’ silver choke, for example, would be a great flamboyant choice – or perhaps the ‘Carnevale’ bronze bead necklace, with a hand-crafted central glass bead from the Venetian island of Murano.

Elegantly Waisted VOGUE called it ‘elegantly waisted’, whilst ELLE simply called it ‘Woman’. Either way, there is a definite trend around this season for a classic hourglass shape with a pronounced nipped-in waist and tailored clothes.  This look screams for simple and classic jewellery and one of your best investments would be from our ‘Classique’ collection, which, as the name suggests, is both timeless and classic, but with that twist that makes for a typical Expressions Des Bijoux piece. The Classique Loop Necklace and Loop Bracelet combo in gold and silver has the added benefit of going with any colour of clothing you choose to wear.