What to buy for the special women in your life

At Expressions Des Bijoux, we have selected a wide variety of styles of jewellery, rather than one dominant style, in order to suit as broad a personality and style range as we can.
This breadth of selection also works well for different age-groups. Have a look at our suggestions for the women and girls in your life to see what we mean!

  • For mums

What mums need most (as we know well!) is something to make them feel really special and glamorous, as well as re-connecting with the ‘girl inside’ once all the everyday tasks are done and dusted!

We think the following two items would make great presents for mothers anywhere…French Designer  Philippe Ferrandis at Riviera Collection and Byzantium Collection

  • For daughters

Girls and younger women tend to fall into two camps, preferring either super-delicate jewellery or else very fashion-driven, fun accessories.
Here are our stylist’s picks for the girls…
Italian designer Miramoni at Classique Collection

Or these fantastic fun earrings from our Del Lago Collection by Italian Designer Luisa Della Salda

  • For wives and girlfriends

If you are buying for a partner, then this is a deeply romantic gesture and a moment for your love and affection to dazzle and impress!
We would recommend jewellery with a precious feel: an heirloom to be kept forever…
Palazzo Pandora Earrings in gold, silver and black diamonds by Italian designer Zangara

Or perhaps, on a more everyday budget, these Oceania starfish earrings, by Italian jewellery designer Oriani?

  • For sisters

For sisters, the best angle would be the kind of high-style designer jewellery that draws admiration from all.
This Byzantium Phrenite Cuff certainly fits the bill!

Or how about these Riviera Gold Link Earrings?

  • For Grandma

By the time you’re a granny, you know what’s what in the world and truly fine jewellery with real stand-out quality (like all our pieces at Expressions Des Bijoux) is just the ticket.
If you’re in the mood for really spoiling, then this Palazzo Large Pendant would be perfect

Or how about this gorgeous Oceania Verde Brooch (which you can also wear as a pendant)