Dressing well for work helps put all of us in the right frame of mind. Your work ‘personality’ should still be yours and yours alone – but with more emphasis on the impression you’re giving rather than pure self-expression….

How does that personality translate into the kind of jewellery you should wear?

For example…

If you are not particularly trend-led, then modern, sleek and classic jewellery pieces would be the best fit for your style.

If you wear high-impact clothing, then it’s best to keep your accessories and jewelley simple.

If you love a clean 1990s minimalist aesthetic and like to wear lots of monochrome, then jewellery and accessories can add an extra punch of colour.

How about Ms Flamboyant who doesn’t believe in keeping your best designer jewellery pieces for Sunday?! Why not wear a cocktail ring to work.  Well, really, why not?!

If you like mixing things up and creating a bit of a ‘devil-may-care’ look, how about ‘tumbling shells and semi-precious stones’ necklace?

If elegance is your bag, then one of our higher-end styles choker Amethyst necklace will show off your self-confidence and self-worth.

Or maybe you like to do a different edit every day?  In which case have fun with an expressive but different statement each time…

If dressing creatively is important to you and you are passionate about finding pieces of jewellery with interesting details, then we have the perfect pieces for you from our wide and varied collection.

Accessories and jewellery are the perfect way to express yourself as an individual in the work environment – so work that look with help from Expressions Des Bijoux.  It’s what we’re here for!