Our talented Italian jewellery designer Luisa della Salda  at Del Lago Collection of Expressions Des Bijoux; seeks inspiration for her signature style of contemporary fashion jewellery, just by stepping out of her front door….

Italian Jewellery Designer Luisa Della Salda

Italian Jewellery Designer Luisa Della Salda

Luisa lives and works in the Lake Como region, where her neighbours include George Clooney and Madonna, and where Versace was a frequent visitor. Como has always attracted the socialites of their day, a legacy that dates back to Roman times.

Centuries of art and culture have soaked into the very stones of the ruins of the 12th century walls that can still be seen in the small, central città murata or walled city. It is this heritage which Luisa keeps alive to this day with her uniquely individual jewellery designs.

…Luisa is from picturesque Lake Como and draws her inspiration from both the old world and the new. She forges these influences to create a unique brand of designer jewellery from necklace, ring, earrings to brooches!

Available for you at Del Lago Collection of ExpressionsDesBijoux. Enjoy!