You can make any outfit look amazing with a statement necklace. Here are 5 tips when you are wearing an expressive jewellery of statement necklace:

Tip One:

Any expressive jewellery such as a statement necklace will add a pop of colour and texture to your outfit. It will change the way your outfit looks entirely by bringing in new colours and textures. Incorporate a necklace with metallics, jewel tones, pastels, neons, etc to elegant a boring look.

Tip Two:

Wearing an expressive statement necklaces under collared blouses can add a stylish ‘corporate-glam’ look to your workday outfit.

Tip Three:

A statement necklace either a fashion jewellery of fine jewellery works very well with outfits that have a high neckline. If you’re wearing a high neck dress or top, your necklace will contrast well against the fabric and add a point of interest to your neckline.

Tip Four:

Statement necklaces like any other necklace types work best when they follow the shape of the neckline. As a general rule, go for a round shaped necklace with a round neckline, and opt for a V shaped necklace with a V neckline. Of course, every rule can have its exceptions so just make sure you are happy with the overall look.

Tip Five:

Keep the rest of the outfit minimal – Avoid excessive competing jewelry and let the necklace make the statement.

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