How jewellery and accessories can be used to glam up any old outfit and give you a fresh look in the office. No matter how dull it can be transformed with the right accessories.

The pencil skirt is a classic piece of work attire, and today it is going to be our main focus point. Any woman whom has worked in business today should possess a black pencil skirt. This is a curve flattering piece for women of all sizes and should be embraced rather than hidden in the back of the closet somewhere. The great thing about this classic item of clothing is that it can be used day in day out. Below are some examples of different tops that might be worn with a classic black pencil skirt changing its look each time it is worn:

By choosing similar yet different tops, interchangeable jewellery pieces may also be chosen, choosing a nice gold or silver necklace with purple and pink beads for example would be a good way to keep any of these looks from ageing over time. The jewellery piece would obviously be transferable due to the selection of tops.
However, if purple and pink are not to your taste, that is not a problem, this look would work equally as well with warm reds and oranges, or even blue and greens, making your old pencil skirt an all year round piece.

At Expressions Des Bijoux we curated lots of timeless beautiful jewellery pieces under Classic Collection that works perfectly for workwear- comfortable and chic! Why not share some of your ways to keep old work attire revitalised?

Keep in touch we have more to come with, using jewellery and accessories to glam up your wardrobe, leisure and formal wear tips coming soon.