As we approach Halloween and the witching hour, let Expressions Des Bijoux take you on a trip to the dark side… Pumpkin Parade jewellery From the Philippe Ferrandis ‘Riviera’ collection, we bring you jewels in night-time black with accents of pumpkin and autumn berries –

Va-Va-Vampirina If you want to go darker still, try our amazing Byantium range, where precious jewels and zirconia play off against dark and mysterious stingray leather –

Witch Doctor Ward off the demons with a pinch of superstition – Four leaves have always been harbingers of luck:

Keep the evil eye away with the quartz and amethyst stones on our Byzantium Fan Necklace:

and on the matching Byzantium Fan Earrings:

And for Extra Luck.. For the final ingredient in our Halloween magic potion, we are offering £20 off all orders over £150, with completely free worldwide delivery,  simply put  the promotion code of 2015012 at check out!

Expressions Des Bijoux – the magic of the Mediterranean brought right to your door. Be Unique!