When VOGUE said that ‘This season, designers nod to every era from Edo to Edwardian’, we thought how true that was for jewellery too.

Both fashion and jewellery designers constantly have an eye on the past and an eye on the future, whilst juggling both influences to create pieces that are perfectly NOW.

We thought we’d take you on a little history trip through jewellery-making across the ages, showing you how even the most contemporary jewellery pieces in our collection share common ancestry with the craftsmen and women from centuries past…

Of course, the story of fine jewellery is a story of the most precious metals and stunning jewels, usually made into crowns, collars and tiaras for royalty and the richest denizens of society – and we allude to that today in the highest end of our individually-crafted designer jewellery in our Palazzo Colletion , like this exquisite ‘Palazzo Florence’ cocktail ring in sapphires, silver, gold and black diamonds, created by the house of Zangara… .

But the human desire to decorate is very strong and for the huge majority who could not afford such fineries, there has always been a parallel history of much humbler organic jewellery throughout time, where people used what they found around them as part of nature’s bounty.

Seashells have long been used in jewellery design all over the world, and this fine tradition is echoed in contemporary jewellery in our Oceania Collection, like this Oceania Flora Cocktail Ring, which takes its form from underwater forms…

Or how about this gorgeous necklace, which uses shells directly, although refined by being set in gold vermeil…

Flowers, fruits, seeds and nuts were always another useful source of raw materials, especially in Africa and Asia and this tradition is endlessly mirrored by our fascination with nature’s harvest.

In our Classique Collection, we have a whole array of amazing designer leaf necklaces, where actual leaves are used – in the spirit of nature’s perfections being impossible to improve upon! The leaves are dipped in copper to preserve them before being coated in 24 carat gold.  Some of the necklaces have single leaves, whilst others have dual leaves with one in gold and the other in contrasting white gold.  Individually hand-crafted, they really are one of the greatest bargains in our shop window!

A less reverential and more playful take on the theme is this cute designer cherry necklace from Italy in gold-plated silver, with a cool nod too to the 70s when cherries were such a ubiquitous motif. The cherries are in enamel of course and not real this time! This unique designer necklace has a matching ring and earrings too. Why not collect the set?!