The Expressions Des Bijoux guide to making the perfect choice….

Knowing what to buy – a ring or a pendant for example – can sometimes be as difficult to decide as whether to buy gold or silver jewellery. The answer is to take note of what the person you buy for usually wears and enjoys wearing.

This will give you some invaluable clues and insights. Does she generally prefer to wear a pendant or a brooch, for example? Does she favour a particular type of earrings?  Studs or drop earrings? Is there something she never leaves home without? A woman can never have too much of the type jewellery she loves the most!

If there is a jewellery piece she wears all the time and never takes off, then it must be very important to her so have a really good look at it. Is it made of gold or silver or is it more bold and geometric in style? What type of stones does it feature? If you buy something that completes or complements her favourite items, you are sure to be in favour!

The EDB Collection The EdesB Collection is a small selection of our one-of-a-kind & editor’s choice from our seven collections for you – proven favourites from our site where we have narrowed the risk factor for you in advance!

Exclusive Designer Jewellery Online

Exclusive Designer Jewellery

The Palazzo Collection is fine jewellery that makes more of a statement and is the perfect accessory for when the occasion is more formal – for the woman who wants to feel at her most self-assured.

Exclusive Designer Gold Jewellery Online

Exclusive Designer Gold Jewellery

The Byzantium Collection has a strong sense of its own unique style and combines artistic influences from both east and west. The jewellery is expressive, striking and has a distinctly tactile feel which reflects a confident person with a spirit of adventure.

Expressive Designer Jewellery Online

Expressive Designer Jewellery

The Riviera Collection has a mood all of its own – sunny and upbeat – and will appeal to the woman who is fashion-conscious, very feminine and enjoys shaping her own individual sense of style.

Designer Silver Jewellery Online

Designer Silver Jewellery

The Carnevale Collection is stylish and sophisticated jewellery with exuberant colours and will compliments the woman who loves life and lives it to the full – with a smile!

Designer Murano Jewellery Online

Designer Murano Jewellery

The Oceania Collection jewellery pieces have a joyous and slightly youthful feel, and with its echoes of the sea appeals to the woman who is sensual and in tune with nature and the natural world.

Designer Shell Jewellery Online

Designer Shell Jewellery

The Del Lago Collection is a bright and playful jewellery collection, colourful and bejewelled and will suit a very feminine woman who likes to sparkle and seduce!

Designer Silver& Gemstone Jewellery Online

Designer Silver& Gemstone Jewellery

The Classique Collection is dramatic without being “showy” and beautifully underlines jewellery the classic sense of style inherent in every woman looking for a ‘strong but simple’ look.

Designer Classic Silver Jewellery Online

Designer Classic Silver Jewellery