Rosita Heshmati of Expressions Des Bijoux scours Europe’s Jewellery workshops for unique pieces, so you don’t have to…….

In this age of mass production, it’s natural to hanker for the hand-crafted and the artisan, those beautiful objects discovered by happy accident. When it comes to jewellery, Expressions Des Bijoux is doing just that- answering the call for those of us who, though our busy lives won’t permit it, prefer our jewels to be glittering prizes tracked down on our travels.

Expressions Des Bijoux showcases the fruit of these trips – a gallery of the finest pieces Rosita discovers, designer jewellery pieces she feels best represent her tastes and ethos and those of Expressions Des Bijoux.

By bringing these designer jewellery pieces together in one place, Rosita Heshmati, curator of Expressions Des Bijoux, has allowed us access to what would normally be out of reach; the result of her voyages across the continent in search of highly individual designs.

Featuring eight different collections, each one based around a different theme or location, the Expressions Des Bijoux gallery is a veritable treasure trove.

These Collections represent some only the most individual expressions of the jewellery designer’s art. Each piece is an exquisite expression of luxury, exclusivity, comfort and affordability – qualities which are the hallmarks of Expressions Des Bijoux.

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