Shape Your Style….

If we look to fashion, we will notice, that it almost  ignores the shape of average women. With Christmas just around the corner, I decided to do a little research myself, I wanted to see what the average shape of a woman in the UK really is. I can hardly believe what I have discovered and neither will you!

There are four main shapes amongst us women: the pear, the banana, the hourglass and the apple.

  • The Pear: The Pear is becoming increasingly known as the spoon, bell or even the upward triangle. With so many names it is no wonder women are confused. With just over 20% of women, like Jennifer Lopez or Beyoncé, having a pear-shaped figure, it sounds like very few. However, the pear is the second most common shape for women. A pear shape is defined as a woman, whose hip measurements are greater than her bust measurements.

The Style of the pear:Pear shaped women should place emphases on the upper- half of their body, by choosing wide fit trousers and skirts, dark in colour, with slim fitted tops, preferably button down in style, with some layering, and bright in colour. A perfect way to draw the eyes attention to the upper-half of your body is to accessories any outfit, with a flattering neck piece. The “Classique Gold Tuft Necklace” is a good example of a designer jewellery to create that effect. Moreover, choosing a neck piece such as the “Classique Gold  Necklace” allows you to wear it over and over again – its transparent colours are the ideal finishing touch to any outfit.

  • The Banana: “The Banana” is also known as “The Rectangle”, and it is in fact the shape that most of us women have. A staggering 46% of women fit this shape. “The Banana shape” is where a woman’s waist measurements are less than nine inches smaller than the measurement of her hips or bust.

Shaping up your style as a banana: Pear shaped women should choose clothing that adds the illusion of curves. This can be achieved by wearing A-line skirts or low waist trousers with ruffle tops and coats with a clinched waist. To add to these outfits one should invest in a pair of beautiful designer earrings such as “Riviera Amber’s -Blossom Earrings”. Adding a beautiful pair of unique earrings like these to a curvy outfit can give it that element of elegance without the fear of looking like you have over done it.

  • The Hourglass: “The Hourglass” shape is illustrated by those with a similar body type to that of Sophia Loren. However, only 8 per cent of women actually tend to have equal hip and bust measurements with a narrow waist. This I found to be quite a surprise.

The style of the hourglass: Every hourglass’s wardrobe should consist of pencil skirts, tailored trousers with a slight flair leg, v-neck tops, wrap dresses and fitted coats- preferably short. These types of clothing are very flattering as they accentuate your curves, and show off your tiny waist. But like any outfit, it cannot be complete without the finishing touches. Adding too much jewellery to the Hourglass shape is a common mistake. One piece of jewellery simple or bold is more than enough to complete any hourglass outfit. This piece should be an eye catching designer bracelet such as a Riviera Grey-flannel Cuff. Clothing in itself is enough to emphasise the hourglass curves. However, a unique designer bracelet like a Riviera Grey-flannel Cuff adds that sense of refinement and style to any clothing collection.

  • The Apple: “The Apple” shape is also known as “The Inverted Triangle”. Again it is a shape, whereby a woman has a larger bust, and narrower hips. This shape is also associated with women who have broader shoulders, such as the famous swimmer Sharron Davies or fashion model Tyra Banks. Again the shape is not the most commonly found, with just 14% of women fitting “The Apple Shape”.

Shaping your style as an Apple: Apple shaped women should wear trousers or skirts with a bit more flare. Clothing should be brighter on the bottom darker on top. Belted coats / dresses and tops which finish over your hips are the perfect choice, as they elongate your body. In order to glam the darker upper half of an outfit it is essential to choose the right accessories and jewellery. Although some might suggest a necklace, the idea is not to draw too much attention to the upper body. Therefore statement necklaces should be avoided. The ideal jewellery piece for an apple is indeed a broach which can be easily clipped on or off your top of choice, adding a little colour but not too much. An excellent example is a “Riviera Tudor Green Brooch” – a piece with many colours that could be added to hundreds of apple outfits.

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