Jewellery is a girl’s best friend, and with Valentine’s Day around the corner what better way to show your wife or girlfriend you love them then a new piece of jewellery. Jewellery gifts will last longer than flowers or chocolates and are the perfect gift. With so much choice out there it can seem overwhelming at first, but these five tips should help you in choosing the perfect piece of jewellery for your loved one.

1.       Pay Attention

The easiest way to know what your wife or girlfriend likes when it comes to jewellery is to pay attention to what jewellery she wears. Or if you get a chance, sneak a peak in her jewellery box. What jewellery does she wear on a daily basis? Does she wear necklaces, bracelets, earrings? Does she prefer gold, white gold or silver? Is her jewellery box full of big statement pieces or small simple pieces? Does she have a particular stone or colour that she prefers in her jewellery? Ask yourself these questions when checking out the jewellery she owns and it’ll help you decide on what to buy her.

2.       Listen

Women aren’t as subtle as you may think, listen to her and you’ll usually find that she’s dropping hints or simply telling you what she likes.

3.       Ask for help

Ask her best friend or sister to help you pick out the jewellery. They’ll know what she likes and dislikes and be able to guide you on getting the perfect gift. If possible take them with you when shopping to get their expert opinion. Or if your wife/ girlfriend has more refined, exquisite tastes when it comes to jewellery, why not shop online and buy something a little more rare and special, from an online jewellery boutique such as Expressions Des Bijoux.

4.       Quality over quantity

Bigger doesn’t always mean better! When buying jewellery it’s better to go for a smaller piece of good quality that will last then a large piece that doesn’t look as good. This doesn’t mean you have to go over budget, decide on what you can afford and get the best quality you can for that price.

 5.       When in doubt, stick with the classics

What exactly are the classics?

  • Diamonds
  • Pearls
  • White gold , gold or silver,

A classic piece should be a statement piece yet refined, nothing too big or dangly just simple and elegant.

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