Despite its loud and heavy trimmings, the baroque trend can easily be broken down to pieces that would make total sense in a modern day wardrobe. It’s all about balancing your outfits with flattering garments that are slightly more on a subtle tone, but still look gracefully effective.

Baroque jacquard

A tailored jacket emphasizing the waist area and featuring a delightful baroque jacquard would instantly turn into a timeless wardrobe essential.

Silk brocade

The rich silk brocade helps revive the baroque trend, with an exquisite flair brought from the past. Perfectly complemented by leather accents.

Print elements

Deeply rooted in the Old World artwork, the baroque trend is defined by sculptural & prints elements. Accentuated shoulders make an interesting look, especially if paired with sleek cuts and modern tailoring.

Embroidered accessories

For many fashionable ladies, baroque may still appear like a trend fit for the runways, that’s unlikely to translate to the street wear. That’s why accessories are the easiest transitional pieces towards the baroque look, without ever feeling like too much.

Gold accents

Gold  is the irreplaceable star colour of the baroque trend. Complementing each other in the most luxurious ways, the dramatic baroque trend and the shimmering gold are destined for loud statements and precious combination. Going great against a black colour fabrics, the gold accents embody the most effortless way of wearing baroque.

Printed velvet

The printed velvet is luxurious without being overwhelming, and bold without compromising femininity. Usually embellished by precious jewel-inspired elements, this particular baroque aspect causes for a strong impact and should be styled with equally bold accessories. Velvet and leather, black and gold, edgy and sophisticated make for timeless combos that work magic together.

Lace embroidery

The Spring season comes bringing along exquisite parties and fancy dinner gatherings that we cannot afford not attend in style. Offering the perfect excuse to embrace pure glamour  these events call for a little black dress that carries a strong baroque flavour. Utterly romantic and feminine, the lace embroidery should be styled delicately with minimum accessories and complementary colours. Think black, gold for perfect results.

Bohemian chic with jewels and pearls

Playing a huge part in the baroque trend, Precious stones and pearls hit with gold medals in the attempt to recreate the Old World glamour. The unusual pieces of designer jewellery set a dynamic contrast with other baroque elements.Why not take a look at our exclusive online boutique to discover more unique pieces of earrings, necklaces and cuffs!