With just a few short weeks to Christmas I have decided, to share some of my most wanted gifts with you…

First on my list is a pair of warm, fuzzy pyjamas. Although, I am being a little cheeky as I want these for Christmas Eve. I love nothing more than having a nice hot shower, and getting all cosy in my new pyjamas on Christmas Eve – a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows in hand, watching old Christmas movies. For me, this is the perfect treat before bed time; it always reminds me of my childhood.

Second is a pair of foldable ballet pumps. A friend recently invested in a pair of these, and now I think it is time, I have a pair of my own. With lots of parties around Christmas time, and no doubt, lots of new highheels, it is no surprise from time – to – time our feet get sore, right ladies? Well fear not these foldable pumps are the perfect solution! They can be carried in even the smallest of bags, ready to be used when needed.

And last but not least a “Carnevale Scarlet Braid Necklace”. I have had my eye on this little piece for quite some time. This necklace, with a Murano glass centre, is the ideal jewellery piece for Christmas gifts. With such an elegant structure, and bold, yet classy shades of red and gold, this piece is the perfect match for my little black dress. I am sure you will all agree this beautifully stunning piece of designer jewellery will glam up lots of outfits not only over the holidays, but all year long!

Why not share your ideas on the ideal Christmas gifts 2012?