How to accessories your little black dress! There is nothing more iconic than Audrey Hepburn’s little black dress by Givenchy, worn in the ever memorable “Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This style icon, really demonstrated the necessity of a little black dress to every woman. Today, the strength of the little black dress has grown and grown. There are now hundreds of styles to choose from – enough to find the perfect one for any occasion. The little black dress is a must have piece, for all women, I myself, have several. Since choosing a little black dress to suit your occasion has become increasingly easy, women often forget the need to accessorise, something that clearly, Ms Hepburn, did not! So ladies, I am here to guide you all, not only in choosing the right black dress for your occasion: but to show you how each dress could be stylised.

To begin, choose one of the following dresses and suggested jewellery pieces that best suits your need:    Work Wear, Evening Wear ,Formal Wear

Work Wear
When accessorising work wear it is important to strike a balance. You neither want to overdress work attire by making it look tacky, nor underdress it, making it appear dull and boring. The great thing about wearing black is that any one piece of jewellery will be enough to glam it up, especially where work is concerned. A simple ring, bracelet, necklace or pendant can add a touch of life to this otherwise funeral like outfit.
Here are some examples that I think work particularly well with my chosen black work dress.

   Remember you should only choose one!

Evening Wear

When it comes to evening wear you can be a little more adventurous with the style of jewellery you choose. An evening meal, or even a night on the town, surely requires more than the one piece of jewellery worn to work. On a night out you want to look your best, therefore choosing a few matching pieces of jewellery is key. These pieces do not necessarily have to be from the same collection; they can be mixed and matched with jewellery you have collected over time.
Here are my personal favourites for my evening dress…

Formal Wear
Formal evening wear like work attire can be difficult to dress. Many formal dresses can be statement pieces in themselves. Thus careful selection is required when choosing your jewellery pieces for such outings. Again simplicity is best, you do not need to choose as little as one piece but matching a max of two – to – three is advised. This means matching earrings, ring and necklace for example. The selection of jewellery pieces will of course be dependent on your choice of dress. The dress I have chosen for example a simple pair of earrings and a ring is ideal for this, below is an example of the pieces I myself would choose: