Chandelier earrings take their name from the ornate chandeliers which light up a room with their delicate dangling cut glass crystals. Very much a timeless classic they are worn by women the world over. Celebrities such as Beyonce Knowles and Jennifer Lopez are often seen sporting glittering diamond chandelier earrings when they take to the red carpet.

Chandelier earrings are no longer just a trend, they have definitely become a must-have piece in our jewelry box. When we’re talking chandelier earrings we are speaking of jewelry that can take us from casual look to formal look, or from day-time look to night-time look. However, just because these pieces don’t ever go out of style doesn’t mean you can wear it  any-where and any-time. More importantly not every style is right for every woman.

So here we have few tips on what type of chandelier earring work for you:

Tip 1: Choose Your Look

There are several kind of chandelier earrings depend on the occasion you’re wearing it, and the look you’re trying to achieve. Fashionable chandelier earrings jewelry made of bronze metal and Swarovski stones  are usually better for casual looks and informal occasions. On the other hand, chandelier earrings made of gold, silver or any precious metal or adorned with gemstones are more suited for a formal occasion and red carpet looks.

Tip 2: Lengths and Size

Tip 3: Type of  Outfits

Tip 4: Type of Chandeliers for Your Face

Tip 5: Type of Chandeliers for your Hair Style

Earrings interact with hair and hairstyles as well as your overall face shape, the main key to remember is that wearing earrings that mimic the shape of your lovely visage , specially, if you’ve got a short hair cut, choosing earrings that work with your face shape will be key to create flattering looks. Chandelier earrings look best if your hair is part up or worn high in a pony tail or top knot. This shows the complete length of the earrings from top to bottom which is really the desired look for this type of earring. If you have very short hair, don’t wear earrings that fall too far below your jaw line otherwise it just seems disproportionate. You can find a great selection of unique drop and chandelier earrings at .

Tip 6: Other Accessories

Tips 7: Colours