When choosing your necklace (type or length) your type of neckline matters. Choosing the wrong necklace jewellery can create a cluttered look. Matching your necklace to your neckline will create that ‘complete’ picture.In general, there are a few basic fashion tips you can follow to help you find the right necklace for your neckline. For more information on the jewellery featured visit our exclusive designer jewellery boutique online www.expressionsdesbijoux.com

Tip One: Pairing a round shaped necklace with a v-neckline top or dress is a no-no.  A V-shaped neckline looks best with a necklace following the V-shape, so simply choose a necklace with a pendant so that it falls in a “V” shape to mimic your neckline. You can also go for a Y-necklace too, but never a round choker. The length of the necklace depends on how deep the V-neck is and will probably be around the 45cm/18 inch mark.

Tip Two: Don’t wear any necklace at all with a halter top – earrings and bracelets make better accessories for this type of neckline.

Tip Three: Strapless tops and dresses are nice with choker length necklaces (14-16 inches). Strings of pearls or crystals, or delicate chain necklaces with a tiny pendant or drop are quite pretty too! 

Tip Four: A lovely accompaniment to an off-shoulder neckline is a princess length necklace (between 17-18 inches long); especially for evening gowns. Off-shoulder neckline gives you a lot of bare skin and room to work with. You have the choice of going with a pendant/chain style or add a bolder chunky necklace.

Tip Five: Turtle-neck or polo-neck tops with an opera length necklaces (22-24 inches) pair well  and can really complete the look nicely! A short chunky statement necklace would work as beautiful too.

Tip Six: Boat neckline top or dresses look beautiful with a longer style necklace (minimum 20″, 50cm). Long chains with pendants work nicely too.

Tip Seven: Square neckline top or dress together with a short choker looks well. Either a chunky one, a pendant chain ensemble or a strand of pearls.

Tip Eight: Round neck tops and dresses is one of the easier styles to accessorise. If the neckline is very high, you will want to go for a long necklace (similar to the boatneck style). If the neckline is a bit lower, a short necklace/choker will look fantastic.

Tip Nine: Plunging-neckline, this one cuts right past your chest area. For such a look, it’s better to skip the necklace altogether. One pair of elegant earrings create the  maximum effect; you can go with drop earrings, clip earrings or stud earrings. 

Tip Ten: Button Down Shirt, depending on shirt and occasion, you might want to go either formal or relaxed. You can leave a couple of buttons open at the neck and accessories with a short necklace/choker/pendant chain or you can go for a longer necklace (60cm/24″ or even longer) and wear it over the shirt.